UA High quality replica Versace X 2chainz Chain Reaction in all black with versace print sneakers



 UA High quality replica Versace X 2chainz Chain Reaction in all black with versace print sneakers


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The Chain Reaction, a sneaker that embodies the strongest elements of the Versace identity. Eclectic details create a one-of-a-kind shoe characterized by a lightweight, chain-linked rubber sole that takes inspiration from iconic Versace chain jewellery. Signature elements on the newest Versace sneaker include the iconic Greek Key pattern, the 'Chain Reaction' logo patch and braille 'love' lettering expressing the concept that love is blind.

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Commonly Asked Questions

Why are these Versace Chain Reaction Sneakers so Cheap?
This particular listed pair of Versace Chain Reaction shoes are replica UA (Unauthorized Authentic) shoes. UA versace often cost much less than the original versace you buy at the store. Read below for more information about UA Shoes.
What are UA Shoes?
Unauthorized authentic, otherwise known as “UA”, are shoes that are produced in the same factories (using the same exact materials) as the authentic product when they were commissioned by shoe manufacturers and companies, but sold by someone else. Get a pair of UAs if you can’t blow your paycheck on shoes. Click Here for more information on UA shoes.
What’s in the package?
This product comes with an original brand box
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